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I had this story saved but my stupid cd wiped everything so I'm re-saving everything but I can't find this story anymore.

Title: Until I'm Clean

Story: There was a vicitm who had been shot a few times, the gang were there to process the scene when Calleigh (I think) opened a door and a dog came rushing through. It slipped through the blood and landed on Ryan, causing him to slip in the blood. Horatio helped him up out of the blood and was the only one there so Ryan could get changed to put the blood soaked clothes into the evidence bag. Eric showed up and made a joke about it, causing Calleigh to be a little upset. Later that day, she decided to go by Ryan's place and was stunned due to the fact she knew that junior CSI didn't make a lot of money for Ryan to obtain the place he got. He didn't answer so she stepped in and headed up the stairs to see that Ryan was still in the bathroom, raw scratches over his body. He admitted that he could still feel the blood on him. Calleigh helped him out and felt his desire for her. Ryan backed off, apologising but Calleigh kisses him and they end up in bed.

Length - One Shot

Where - pretty sure it was Fanfiction.net - however, I have done the search and it produced no finds. I even checked Google, it was voted as one of the best Calleigh/Ryan story and it was written by americanrage. However, I can't find them on Fanfiction.net and I'm looking to see if anyone has a copy of the story as I believe the author has removed it themselves.


One new wp by me:
csi miami

Promo pics

This is two promo pics from season 3 that was hard to find. One of them as you i used for header :)


May. 29th, 2009

Thank you orla_dark  for telling me about this lovely community she created. ;) I'm not really a full shipper of Ryan/Calleigh (I actually really like EC), but I have to say it's looking better everyday. So I got this idea after CSI: Miami's season finale "Seeing Red" with Calleigh and Ryan's cute little scene in the garage. Enjoy. :D

Title: Ambushed
Author: luf100
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: CaRWash. Completely Calleigh/Ryan. (Obviously.)
Rating: T I guess. Suggestive, but not bad.
Warnings: Hm... maybe a teeny weeny spoiler for season 7 if you even catch it. Other than that, nadda.
Disclaimer: If I owned CSI: Miami or any of the characters, Ryan and Eric wouldn't wear shirts to work, and that would be totally normal.
Summary: Calleigh ambushes Ryan in the garage for a surprise bit of action. But how far will she get before she's interrupted? One shot.


Calleigh was sitting in waiting...Collapse )

Counting thoughts

Title: Counting thoughts
Author: orla_dark
Beta: alligator138
Character/Pairing/Group: Ryan Wolfe\Calleigh Duquesne
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryan’s thoughts about Calleigh.
Disclaimer: They all mine *waking up* Oh, no, still not mine :(
Warning: First fic on English ever.

A/N: I should say big thank you to my beta alligator138, so THANK YOU :)
Written for the 10_titles challenge.

How many times per day do I think about her?



This community is dedicated to relationship of Ryan Wolfe and Calleigh Duquesne from CSI: Miami tv-show. You can post here everything that have attitude to Ryan, Calleigh or both of them(as romance couple and as friends). Including fanfics, fanarts, scripts and even news (spoilers) about one of them or both. More information you find here.

PS English is not my native language and i always afraid that i write something wrong or stupid. So, if i do, let me know and i correct it.

So, have fun and enjoy!



Calleigh and Ryan shipping

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